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Something about us

!Our story!


In our close family circle, we have long thought about how to take SpiralSun one step further. 

We do not live up to a huge promotion, but rather we prefer  the personal company approach to the customer and accommodating them as much as possible. Wishes of our customers/friends gave us an idea and the vision of creating products on our own soil.  Connecting with the guys from Futu Labs didn't take long and we started first steps. 


And hey!, This is how we want to introduce you the BLX.ART. At least its beginning! 


We will be inspired by the best on the market and fine-tune it to the needs of our customers. You can look forward to a high variety of products, scents and effects in the future. You won't smell anything ordinary or chemical.  A big advantage is that we can modify and constantly improve our products according to customer feedback, and we are very happy that we can bring news to the tattoo world from Czech manufacturers.


Last but not least, we want to be in harmony with the planet. Care for the environment goes hand in hand with production, which is a matter of course for the production of products. Although it is a chemical industry, it is a matter of course for BLX to leave as little ecological footprint as possible, at least in production. 

Make no mistake, our priority is not to smear honey around your mouth, we make products so that every tattoo artist can afford them. Products must be super functional and at the same time affordable, so we always come up with  a compromise between price, functionality and quality.  

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