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INKOUSTER - Frankly, can not think of more usefull thing for tattoo shops than this. Super handy when you have a lot of walk-ins or just a very difficult design to outline.

150ml bottle filled with our BLX fluid is able to save

a lot of time as well as money in the long

term. Ideal to use with EPSON printers.

Also able to work with CANON. 

- 150ml

- EPSON, CANON friendly

- approx. 3000 prints

VASELINUM - Let yourself get surprised by this super stylish vaseline.

We chose the consistency so that it spreads beautifully, sticks to  the skin, and of course can also be used as aftercare. 

    It keeps the skin constantly flexible and beautifully removes        residues colors. Must-have tattoo assistant and number one         a product that is indispensable in any salon.

             A component of vaseline is BIO  beeswax. Skin during               the process. It doesn't redden unnecessarily and the wax           has a soothing effect. For a long time lasting  aromatic      essence will also make your work  process. Orange/Cinnamon Version, Maracuja.

       "Yes, we can do a lot of work even on ordinary vaseline."


- 500ml version

- 120ml version

- The best scented Vaseline you ever had

- Not susceptible to bacteria formation

- Orange-cinnamon

- Maracuya


- 120ml version

- OMG! It smells so good! 

- Grapes

- Strawberry

- Lemon

BLX.PURE - This deodorizing liquid will hook you.

You can wave the old disinfectants you have

you will come as in a hospital. 

PURE is excellent to work with for you and for the

client who will have a pleasant feeling when applied.

Our ratio of disinfectants and antibacterial agents is

set up so you can use one thing on your skin I on



You will surely like this product! 

News from the world of BLX.ART

Thank you!

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