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VASELINUM - Let yourself be surprised by this super stylish vaseline.

We chose the consistency so that it spreads beautifully, sticks to the skin, and of course can also be used as aftercare. 

It keeps the skin constantly flexible and removes color residues beautifully. A must-have helper for tattoos and the number one product, which is not missing in any salon.

Vaseline includes BIO beeswax. The skin does not redden unnecessarily during the process and the wax has a soothing effect. In addition, long-lasting aromatic essences will make the work process more pleasant.  Orange/Cinnamon Version, Maracuja.


SKU: 7474
  • - 1000ml version

    - 500ml version

    - The best scented vaseline you have had.

    - Not susceptible to bacteria formation

    - Orange-Cinnamon

    - Passion fruit

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